Our story

From our hometown Stockholm, we create purposeful audio products to simplify choices for sound-savvy personalities around the world. Uniting Swedish design thinking with carefully selected forward-looking functions is what we’re all about. It’s even in our name: Design + function = Defunc. The result? Earbuds and speakers with the right sound for the right time. So, if you know what you want to do, we’ve got what you need to enhance your experience. This is why we’re here, since 2015 and beyond.

Experimenting to meet the moment and the future audio wants and needs is something that makes us tick. Take our early speakers, DUO, which gave stereo sound via two connectable Bluetooth units when nothing else on the market could. Or our first TRUE model, that combined a long-lasting power bank and earbuds in one device just as the mobile lifestyle was really taking off. Or our MOBILE GAMING earbuds, developed together with gamers and up-and-coming engineers from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Or our MultiTip™️, a hybrid earbud tip based on consumer insight featuring most-liked music, communication and sports functions. To name a few.

Today in 2023 we are in a wireless world for real. We started with in-ear headphones and are now returning to our roots by exploring new ways to develop True Wireless headphones. Our True collection today consists of 7 different models, all with their own purpose and tailored to improve, for example, sports, entertainment, games, meetings and, of course, music experiences. And also without compromising on other basic functions.

Is Defunc for us?

Defunc bluetooth headphones are a range that is easy to get used to, and also easy to work with. Smart and clear packaging creates easily selling exposures. Thanks to the elaborate basic idea with different purposes, the customer quickly sees what suits him. This means that mechanical sales increase, and thus the range is a given winner in your particular store!