Black Rock and White Diamonds offer an unmatched portfolio of smartphone accessories tailored to meet your exact protection and design needs. That’s why we work with award-winning designers and some of the best German engineers, to create the best shell in a unique design. Our headquarters are in Berlin. Here, in a city where different people and cultures meet, we let ourselves be inspired by the latest trends in fashion, art and design. We put a lot of time and love into the design to create products that you will want to use.

Thanks to the fact that we check each of our products, we can ensure a high quality standard. Already in
development process, we test the products to make sure they meet our high design requirements,
handling and sustainability. This means that we can constantly work towards guaranteeing the best possible quality.

Black Rock has a strong focus on design that reflects current trends. People’s unique characteristics and personality, and their need to show this, go hand in hand with our range. With this, the goal of Black Rock and White Diamonds is to make a lasting fashion impression.

We use…

Materials of the highest quality to develop and produce our products. Our team of designers and
engineers implement innovative and trendy ideas in synergy.

Award-winning designers, and some of the best German engineers, work together with Black Rock to combine the best possible protection with a unique design.

Our range includes, among other things:
• Details with genuine Swarovski® crystals.
• High-quality mobile phone accessories made of genuine leather, glass or wood.
• Vegan material made from corn substitute: Good Case from White Diamonds and Eco Case from Black Rock are biodegradable. Our engineers and designers worked together to produce a shell that is 100% biodegradable and fully recyclable.