“Njorð byELEMENTS crafts stylish and functional smartphone accessories using
the finest natural materials and craftsmanship.

Featuring premium sustainable materials like genuine Salmon Leather, our products
embody the Nordic idea of ‘Hygge’, where comfort and cosiness are inter
twined throughout our beautifully minimalistic and timeless designs.”

Njorð byELEMENTS cases feature the best sustainable and premium quality materials in the market.

Our salmon leather, smooth and refined to the touch with a distinguishing appearance, is sustainable, socially responsible and
produced environmentally friendly.

The skins for our salmon leather come from the fish farming industry, so no salmon has been killed for their skin.
Our leather tannery in Sauðárkrókur (Iceland) embodies our Njorð byELEMENTS DNA and utilizes the countries greatest
resources, renewable hydro- and geothermal energy. This beautiful leather is produced with 0-carbon footprint.

Responsibly produced salmon leather means no sad looking salmons!

The distinctive texture of the salmon leather is smooth and refined, with deep bold yet calm hues that look beautiful when you
first start using the case and builds patina over time. The leather hues and natural tones become pronounced and build
character with use of the case – making your case uniquely yours.

Eldur (Fire)

~ {pronounced “ɛltʏr;
from Old Norse Eldr, fire}

Vindur (Wind)

~ {pronounced “vɪntʏr;
from Old Norse Vindr, wind}

Vatn (Water)

~ {pronounced “vaʰtn;
from Old Norse Vatn, water}

Jörð (Earth)

~ {pronounced “joerð;
from Old Norse Jǫrð, earth/ground}

Military Standard 810G, Drop
Protection tested – keeps your mobile
safe throughout those accidental drops

All our cases are cut perfectly to fit,
with generous camera openings
designed never to interfere with
your phone’s performance.

Optimal protection – silky soft
microfiber inlay keeps your
smartphone in perfect condition

Works with Any Wireless Charger! The Njorð collection dropcases, with premium Icelandic salmon leather, add only 2,5mm
thickness and therefore work with any Qi-Compliant wireless charger.

Even works well with the Apple MagSafe Charger!

Airpods® Pro Case

Our cases for AirPods Pro are a two-piece construction, wrapped in our beautiful
Salmon Leather surrounded by a comfortable soft touch TPU. This case keeps
your AirPods Pro safe in style while adding drop and scratch protection.

Designed for
Airpods® Pro.
Airpods® Pro (2021)

For yourself or for that special someone.
Unboxing our Njorð case feels like opening a present.
From the moment you touch the small salmon leather swatch, until you hold your case.

Full Paper Packaging

What we value

Zero Carbon Footprint

Socially Responsible

Sustainable Production

Zero Carbon Footprint: Our leather
tannery in Sauðárkrókur (Iceland) uses
only renewable energy for its production
of salmon leather.

100% of the electricity supply is from a
Hydro Electric power plant.

Social Responsibility isn’t just a brand
ethos – it’s a code of conduct by choice.

Social responsibility and accountability is a
core part of our DNA throughout our total
Supply Chain.

Sustainable Production: We strive for
sustainability, and we pride ourselves in
the fact that all products going through
our factory is all a by-product from other
industries such as agricultural industries
or the food industry.

Geothermal power facilities currently generate
25% of the country’s total electricity production.
Geothermal energy is a renewable, natural,
energy source that can be utilized in a
sustainable or excessive manner.

Much of the precipitation is stored in ice caps
and groundwater, and dissipated by evaporation,
groundwater flow and glacier flow.Hydroelectric
power generated 72% of the country’s electricity