Energizing people on their travels is what we do best. Xtorm's goal is to energize people anywhere they go through our #MoreEnergy vision and love for mobile technology. Today people require more and more from their mobile devices. Whether you're climbing mountains, going on a city trip, working on your tablet at a flex office or streaming the latest Netflix Series in your garden..: We'll make sure you won't run out of power.


Travel is in our DNA. Our products are fully developed and
adapted to the problems that travelers encounter during their journeys. So we make sure that you will never be without energy..
Our products are safety tested and approved. This is because each product is tested according to very strict safety requirements. Xtorm charges quickly and safely!
We only work with the highest quality and can therefore offer you the best possible products, with a longer lifespan.
Xtorm works hard on sustainability.

Small but powerful

Xtorm energy products have the most innovative and powerful features. These features combined with a compact design allow you to take them with you wherever you go.

We develop our products with the traveler in mind and provide energy to all your devices. your devices. With features like:
Integrated charging cables, fast charging, USB-C PD, fast wireless charging and water resistance, there is an Xtorm product for every traveler.

Communicates quality

The Xtorm packaging showcases the quality of Xtorm and its products through clear communication, high quality materials and sustainability. Every detail of our products and packaging consists of a passion for design, but also a drive to explore the planet and years of experience.

Xtorm, the green choice

At Xtorm we make product that last. Our product are built to work for many years without wear, so you do not have to buy a replacement product any time soon, saving tons of extra products, materials and production energy.  

We strive to use as less environmental unfriendly materials as possible in our packaging, office and production. We actively recycle used batteries to be used again, saving tons of scarce raw materials.
Togheter with a foundation called Stibat, we collected 3.962.501kg(!!) of batteries to be recycled in 2020.



All Xtorm chargers are provided with a built-in temperature control chip, which monitors each charge and prevents overheating.


Breaks the circuit automatically when an overcurrent is detected. This protects the Xtorm charger and your device from short circuit damage.


Protects both the internal battery cells on e.g. a power bank, as well as the battery of the attached devices from overcharging.


Xtorm only uses the best battery cells that provide the fast charging you need and meet all safety requirements.


Xtorm Chargers are equipped with the APM (Auto Power Management) chip. This automatically chooses the correct charging speed and efficiently divides power between attached devices.


Our power products are built to power your device as efficient as possible. This ensures the least possible loss of energy during the charging process

For people all around the world

Xtorm has been around for over 15 years. Today, with our mission in mind, we provide #MoreEnergy to millions of people and our products are sold in over 60 countries worldwide. 63 to be exact. Both online and in physical shops.

Towards a better future

Sustainability has been a top priority at Xtorm since day one. As we travel around the world's most beautiful places, we can't imagine what the world would be like without them. That's why we strive to leave no trace in the wonderful world around us.