Xtorm – worldclass powerbanks and backup power

Providing people with energy while traveling is what we do best.
So whether you’re climbing the mountains or commuting to work, we make sure you’ll never run out of energy. However, Xtorm – powerbanks and backup power can do much more than that. For example, we are found in many household emergency kits, sometimes the hunting equipment as well as the RV packing. With Xtorm’s high-class products, you can feel secure in always being able to charge what you need.

Why Xtorm?

We know

Traveling is in our DNA. Our products are fully developed and
adapted to the problems that travelers encounter during their travels.
That’s why we make sure you’ll never run out of energy.


Our products are safety tested
and approved. This is because each product is tested according to very strict safety requirements. Xtorm charges quickly and safely!


We only work with material from
highest quality,  and can therefore offer you the best possible charging products.
Our A-class batteries meet all
security requirements.

Small but strong!

Xtorm’s energy products have the most
innovative and strong functions. These
features combined with a compact
design means you can take them with you anywhere
wherever you go!

We develop our products with the traveler in mind
mind and provides energy to all
your devices. With features such as:
Integrated charging cables, fast charging,
USB-C PD, fast wireless charging and
water resistance, there is an Xtorm product
for all travelers.


The Xtorm packaging showcases the Xtorms
quality and its products through clear
communication, high quality materials
and sustainability. Every detail in our
products and packaging consist of a
passion for design, but also a drive to explore
the planet and years of experience.

Xtorm – top class power banks and backup power!

The testwinner!

Xtorm’s energy products have the most
innovative and strong functions. This
not too rarely results in good things
results in various product tests.

May 10, 2022 became Xtorm’s solar cell charger FS405
a test winner in the Aftonbladet Plus big test.
This took place in fierce competition, but when the gunpowder smoke
settled down, Xtorm was on top.
Solar cells are coming more and more, and in this area
found Xtorm in a leading position when it
will create efficient, innovative and
affordable solutions.