Warranty / RMA and delivery notes

A warranty is granted for products supplied by Cenor.
The return of defective products is made by contract and in accordance with the section RMA.


A prerequisite for the return is an approved RMA number provided by Cenor, the RMA number is valid for 14 days and covers only pre-agreed products.
After receiving an RMA number from your seller at Cenor or via service@cenor.se, Cenor will send you a return note by e-mail with the approved items.
This return note must be attached to the returned item.
If there are deviations from the agreed, Cenor reserves the right to refuse the return, which may result in the return being returned at the customer’s expense.
The item must be returned to the pre-agreed return address.

Delivery error
Complaints of errors in delivery must be received by Cenor within seven calendar days from the date of receipt.
If note is not made within 7 calendar days, the delivery is considered to be delivered correctly.

Complaint of transport damage
Upon receipt of delivery from Cenor, the following shall be observed:

  • A visible damage to the packaging, this should be pointed out to the driver. The freight document/PDA shall state that the shipment was “received subject to damage”.
  • Unpacking must be done immediately after damage to the packaging has been observed, in order to check whether or not the item has damage. If an injury appears when unpacking goods, then the customer must without delay contact Cenor.
  • Damaged product can be returned to Cenor after receiving an RMA number.

Return of products
Products can only be returned by appointment and approved RMA number.
The products must be in undamaged and in a marketable condition. Packages shall be intact and in their original condition, the packages shall not bear price labels and/or alarm labels or their marks. If this is not met, Cenor reserves the right to refuse the return.
Products will be credited at purchased price minus 20% unless otherwise agreed.
The products are sent back to Cenor at the customer’s own expense.
Products that have been discontinued or about to start from the Cenor range will not be accepted for return.

Return Adress:
Cenor Logistics AB
Skrittvägen 4
567 92 Vaggeryd

Consumer information
In the event of a fault in the goods, the place for the purchase of the goods must be contacted, they must comply with the rules that apply in accordance with the Consumer Purchase Act.