“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Steve Jobs

Technology, Innovation and Scientific Testing are key elements that come together to make Tech21 impact protection products the most accredited, trusted and scientifically proven that’s available on the market.


The origin of Tech21 began when our Founder, Jason Roberts, took it upon himself to revolutionise the mobile phone protection industry all the way back in 2005.

Noticing that competitors in the industry were simply buying inexpensive materials off the shelf from mass production facilities in the Far East, he identified a unique impact absorbent material here in the UK and quickly realised that it had massive potential across a wide variety of applications.


From molecular recipes to lab-testing new material ingredients and formulations, everything we do with our material science is centred around developing the most advanced impact protection that money can buy for your devices.


Our planet needs protecting just as much as your tech does, and from the material development stage through to manufacture, we keep sustainability at the heart of what we do, whether it’s our recyclable packaging or our lab-tested bio-spice innovations.


As we design all our products in-house, we are always looking for simpler, more sustainable, and just better ways of doing things. From multifunctionality, camera shields, antimicrobial features and more, we’re always looking for ways to innovate.


Our dedication to Science & Innovation doesn’t just make us popular with our customers, but also with renowned Global brands like Apple and Samsung. 

These are brands that we have partnered with almost since we began, demonstrating the consistent trust and highest levels of excellence these huge brands rely on our products for.


We don’t use fancy ‘marketing’ tactics to prove our products durability, we use real-life laboratories with some of the world’s top testing machines, and even some that our Science Team developed with The National Physical Laboratory, the UK’s leading institute for Product Testing and world-leading centre of scientific excellence.


After a lengthy 3-year process continually lab testing and refining the polymer recipe, our pioneering impact absorbent material, FlexShock®, was born in 2012. An intelligent material that absorbs the force energy from impact and turns it into heat, which then reforms the case back to its original structure, FlexShock® offers guaranteed multi-drop protection for the lifetime of the product.


We test and retest every single product we design, not only to outperform the competition but because of the advanced materials we create in-house, no other facility in the world has the means to test our materials efficiently. 

Saying this is one thing, so we continue to go one step further and prove our dedication to science-backed products you can trust with the continued research and development of brand-new tools and machines, some which exist only in one place on earth – our Lab.


Our FlexShock™ material and impact protection science is renowned across the industry thanks to years of dedicated development, testing and innovation, so moving into the military-standard arena was a logical next step.

Using a rigorous testing methodology including strict parameters on drop height, drop mechanism, the number and orientation of the drops, and drop surface construction, we have had several of our product ranges tested and have been recording results that exceeded even our expectations.

We are performing these strictly controlled tests across our entire product range, and will be adding this additional step to our testing processes for future releases.