Cenor Nordic AB

Cenor shall act with great responsibility as a company and contribute to creating a sustainable and secure future in the environment, aesthetics and social responsibility.

The aim is to constantly work towards improvements and quality assurance towards suppliers of products and services, customers and their own organization within applicable laws and practices.

Follow-up and responsibility
The Conduct Code applies to all employees and management within the Group, as well as external suppliers acting on Cenor’s behalf. Management and managers are also responsible for reporting any deviations.
Everyone is responsible for reading, understanding and complying with the Code and complying with applicable legislation. Everyone is responsible for doing the right thing for all stakeholders and asking for advice if there is uncertainty.
Reports of a crime or suspicion of a crime are submitted to a representative of the management.
Through information and training, the Company shall enable all employees to know the content of the Code of Conduct, as well as in other policies and instructions.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that a breach of the Code of Conduct may result in penalties.

Cenor must comply with national (Swedish) legislation and regulations.
Cenor supports and respects international human rights agreements.
Cenor shall not do business with companies that violate the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles of Business and Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the UN Children’s Rights Principles.

Cenor works to contribute to reduced environmental impact. Environmental work should be characterized by environmental care and a holistic approach. Each employee is encouraged to submit improvement proposals that can have a positive impact on the environment.

• Cenor Cooperates only with suppliers who, among other things, support and respect the protection of international human rights, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the UN Principles of the Child Rights.
• Cenor shall cooperate only with suppliers who comply with environmental laws for products and packaging.
• Cenor cooperates only with supplier who pays fees for licenses, etc.
• Cenor does not accept bribery, bribery or other improper benefits from any supplier.

• Cenor acts in such a way that the industry’s reputation is not damaged.
• Cenor follows recommendations that are industry standards.
• Cenor conducts business in accordance with good business practice.
• Cenor does not accept bribery, bribery or other undue benefits in order to retain a customer, secure a deal or to influence government decisions or actions.

• Cenor must keep proper accounting and does not actively or knowingly contribute to tax and/or environmental crimes.
• Cenor is responsible for ensuring that all staff have working hours and other terms of employment according to the applicable collective agreement and a functioning working environment according to statutory requirements.
• Cenor shall ensure fair, solidarity-based employment conditions and opportunities for all persons indiscriminately or discrimination.
• Cenor does not condone threats or acts of defamatory conduct such as; physical, psychological, sexual or verbal harassment.
• Cenor does not accept the use or aftereffects of drugs and alcohol at work.
• Cenor respects the freedom of organization and the right of employees to form and join the trade unions of their choice.
• Cenor does not accept any form of child labor or involuntary work in its activities. The minimum age to be employed is 18 years.