Power Station 392 000mAh 1300W AC 230V/DC 12V

XP1300 Xtorm, Article no: 8227630

Have you ever wished you had access to an AC outlet even when you are not at home? With the Xtorm Portable Power Station 1300, you have access to two powerful AC sockets with a power of 1300W, wherever you are. Thanks to its high capacity of 1254Wh, you can drive almost anything!

Batteries that have 4x longer life – This power station uses a new type of battery cell, LiFePO4. These cells have a great advantage over ordinary Li-ion cells – namely their much longer lifespan. While ordinary Li-ion cells have a “battery cycle life” * of about 500 cycles, LiFePO4 cells have a life cycle of 2000 cycles. It is 4 times longer than most other power plants!

Versatile port selection – Always have the power you need – Power Station has 5 different types of output ports, so you always have exactly what you need. Not only does it have two powerful AC sockets with a power of 1300W, but it also has 120W 12V car charger, 1x 60W USB-C input / output, 3x standard USB outputs and even 2x 5.5 mm 60W DC- outputs.

Charging easily – Charge your Power Station with solar energy, a wall charger or even from your car – everything is possible thanks to the included cables. The fastest way to charge it is to use a 200W solar panel, like our Xtorm XPS200 solar panels.

Extreme power – anywhere – It does not matter if you are camping, hiking or traveling to a remote location – Nowadays there is a great need to be able to operate all our units, and then you need enough power. Smartphones, cameras, laptops, drones or even a fridge / mini-fridge; nothing is too crazy for this portable power station. Combine it with a solar panel and you can go completely outside the mains, without having to give up the units you can not live without.

* 1 Battery life is a full charge, from 0 to 100%. This can also be divided into several smaller charges.

– 1254Wh battery capacity (392,000 mAh)
– Battery with 4x longer life
– 1300W AC output
– 60W USB-C PD input / output
– 18W USB Quick Charge 3.0 output
– 2x 15W USB output
– 120W 12V car charger output
– 2x 60W 5.5 mm DC output
– 6.5 mm DC input
– Solar energy input (PV / Anderson)
– AC charging cable included
– Car charger cable included
– MC4 to Solar PV / Anderson cable included
– Cable pocket included

Hours of Power example:
via AC schuko output:
– LED light (10W) = 3.5 days
– Small TV (30W) = 27h
– Cool box small (40W) = 20h

via 12V car contact output:
– Cool box small (40W) = 27h
– Coolbox medium (60W) = 19h

Useful tips:
To calculate how long the power station can operate a unit via AC:
1. 1254Wh (total capacity) x 65% (efficiency loss when converting DC to AC) = 815Wh (total usable capacity via AC)
2. 815Wh (usable capacity) / 10W (example of LED light) = approx. 3.5 days (81.5 h)

To calculate how long the power station can operate a unit via DC:
1. 1254Wh (total capacity) x 85% (loss of efficiency of conversion voltage) = 1066Wh (total usable capacity via DC)
2. 1066Wh (usable capacity) / 40W (example of cooling box) = approx. 27h

Specifications and dimensions:
– Article: height 24 cm, length 43 cm, width 24.30 cm
– Net weight of article 17 kg / gross weight 19.4 kg (including cable adapters etc.)
– Type input: PV / Anderson, USB-C PD, 6.5 mm DC port
– Battery type: LiFePO4 (cells have a lifespan of 2000!)
– Battery capacity: 1254Wh / 392,000 mAh!
– Ultra fast battery charging time: 0% to 100% only 7.3 hours!*
– LCD function screen
– Warranty 2 years


* X-Charge charging technology: For even faster charging, the included charger can be combined with the 60W USB-C PD input (= 2 inputs connected simultaneously).
This is the fastest charging method available.

Volume L-W-H:

49,5 x 31,5 x 35,6 cm

Inner carton:


Master carton: