KAARNA CUTTER – the ultimate solution for screenprotectors!

  • One machine covers all screen protection needs. Regardless of make or model. With Kaarna Cutter, you get access to over 8000 different screen protectors, and can thus create a solution for each and every customer.
  • Kaarna Cutter is extremely cost-effective – Avoid the hassle of overstocking with model-specific products. You can sell and assemble on the customer’s unit within a few minutes!
  • Incredibly easy to handle with a easily operated Touch-screen, all employees can be quickly trained to solve customers’ screen protection needs.
  • Connect the device to your WiFi-network and enjoy free device database updates.

Characteristics of our screen protectors:

Kaarna screen protectors safeguard all smart devices up to 11″ in size, including smartphones, tablets, cameras, smartwatches, gaming consoles etc. They are individually cut by our retailers according to specifications and do not get in the way of features like fingerprint scanners or facial recognition.

No cracking, no tearing. And no surplus of model-specific products. In other words, all bases covered.

Protection Layers:

Pure Vision Layer
Crystal clear vision and colour representation. Both fingerprint and water-repellent.

High Definition Fingerprint Layer
Full support for all fingerprint scanners. 100% functionality!

Elite Armor Layer
Impact protection based on nanotechnology. Will keep your device safe time after time again.

Core Support Layer
Core-binding ensures no tearing.

Solid Adhesive Layer
Perfect fit for all screens. Secures tightly. Easy to remove, leaves no glue marks.


Selected Kaarna-products: