Kaarna Cutter for Kaarna Screen Protectors

Kaarna Cutter KAARNA, Article no: 3011780

The Kaarna Cutter for Kaarna Screen Protectors enable fast and accurate manufacturing of device specific perfect fit screen protectors in any size even up to 12.9″ screens. The cutter is uploaded with device information and compatibility to over 8000 devices including – Tablets, Smartphones-, Smart Watches- and such for almost all device brands and device models ever produced! The Kaarna device automatically cuts the screen protector enabling local instore manufacturing and screen protection installation to customers device all in just 60 seconds, simple and easy for anyone to manage. The cutter is equipped with a easily operated Touch-screen for choosing correct device and desired screen protector format (Full Screen, Flat, Case Friendly and more). Connect the device to your WiFi-network and enjoy free device database updates.

Choose your Screen Protector from a selection of Premium Kaarna-certified and tested high quality screen protectors. The Kaarna Screen Protection range includes Screen Protectors with multiple features, one fitting every possible need. Choose Clear or go Matt, protect your eyes and be safe against germs, the Kaarna range enables all with 5 different Screen Protectors for 5 different needs, while keeping your device screen intact as well.

Available screen protection range & features: Kaarna-Clear / Kaarna-Matt / Kaarna-UV / Kaarna Anti-Microbial / Kaarna Anti-Blue.

All Kaarna Screen Protectors are tested to offer similar or even better protection than regular Glass Screen Protectors. Be assured ! your Kaarna Screen protector will NEVER shatter in pieces!
All Kaarna products fully supports Face ID- and fingerprint recognition features that your device might carry, including use with S-Pen and similar touch screen pens.

Main features:
– Wi-fi connectivity for smooth operation and automatic updates
– Offline use
– Replaceable blade (one blade can manage 200-300 cuts)
– Adjustable blade cut depth
– Over 8000 models and different cuts
– Cuts with case friendly measurements (shell)
– Full screen cuts
– Works with curved screens and with face/touch features
– Main unit first delivery includes all required screen protection installations tools and materials

– Easy inventory management → same film with all models
– Save money and space
– Always on-hand Screen Protectors for any device
– New models no problem! Sell screen protectors for new devices from day one!
– Expand Screen Protection sales to new areas (wearables, watch, tablets, video game consoles, airtags, navigators, headphones etc)
– Fast and easy, cut and installation in only 60 seconds
– Always latest screen protection products on your hands!
– Premium quality with long lifetime, no excess stock!

– Fast replacement machines in warranty cases
– Replacement cutters straight from stock
– Blade and Film inventory always available without lead time
– Support videos, manuals, email and phone support at your service