Kaarna UV-Machine for UV-Screen Protector

Kaarna UV-Machine KAARNA, Article no: 3011781

The Kaarna UV curing machine used together with Kaarna UV-film gives you a true glass type of touch for your screen protector. The device hardens the screen protectors surface with built in UV-light to create a glass like surface.
After installing the Kaarna UV-film*, insert the Kaarna UV-film to the Kaarna UV Curing machine, push the button on top of the device and wait for 60 seconds. All done and ready to go! fast and easy to use!

– Only 60 seconds curing time
– USB-C charging port
– One button functionality
– 18 built in UV LED lights

Package contains:
– UV curing machine
– Power adapter 230V 5V/2A
– USB-C charging cable
– Product manual

* sold separately



Volume L-W-H:

23,3 x 13,3 x 5,2



Inner carton:


Master carton: