Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 8.7″ Easy-Click cover

V11T69C23 Gecko, Article no: 9509744

Gecko Covers gives the best and most durable protection to your Samsung Galaxy Tab A9. The EasyClick Cover eco is made entirely from recycled GRS* material and is perfectly tailored to fit!

Made from recycled PET bottles
This GRS EasyClick Cover eco is made from 7 recycled plastic PET bottles. The collected PET bottles are cleaned and ground into small pellets and then processed into usable polyester. An EasyClick Cover eco is made from this recycled material.

For daily use
The entire cover is designed for optimal ease of use. The custom-made cover is lightweight and has a perfect fit. Thanks to its design, the buttons, charging port and camera lens are still accessible. Both the back and screen of the Tab A9 are perfectly protected from scratches and bumps with an EasyClick Cover eco.

Sleek design
The name EasyClick says it all: you can easily click the Tab A9 into the cover. The sturdy shell protects the back of the Tab A9. The front flap provides excellent screen protection against scratches. The perfect and most durable way of daily protection.

Optimal viewing angle with stand function
The Tab A9 can be placed at different viewing angles with the EasyClick Cover eco. You choose the one that best suits you and the situation. The cover features 3 different integrated subtle elevations on the inside of the cover. Everyone can thus choose the perfect viewing angle to watch a series or to video call or type comfortably.

*GRS stands for Global Recycled Standard. An organisation that promotes and encourages the use of recycled materials worldwide. Products that incorporate many recycled materials are given a GRS certificate.

Volume L-W-H:

27,90 x 16,70 x 1,70 cm

Inner carton:


Master carton: