Impact Glass SET Screen/Camera iPhone 15

T21-10538 Tech21, Article no: 8672589

Stronger protection for intelligent tech – Double the strength is double the fun with the Double Tempered Screen Protector. Built to withstand multiple high-impact drops, this extra-strength impact glass is built to keep your screen free from scratches and scuffs while you’re wild with abandon at the festival or having the time of your life on holiday. Along with this, keeping the most expensive feature on your smartphone safe, the Camera Lens Protector is designed to ensure your images are kept hi-res and scratch-free. With iPhone camera repair costs ever increasing, this is a smart and simple way to make sure that your smartphone lenses are kept pristine.

Impact Protection
Thanks to our lab-tested materials and design innovations, this bundle protects the screen and camera drop after drop for the lifetime of your device.

Double Tempered
Double the strength, this screen protector is built to withstand multiple impacts and prevent annoying scratches on your screen.

Crystal Clear
Built with embedded agents to prevent discolouration, this screen is crystal-clear for its lifetime.

Precise Fit
Camera protection in this bundle fits perfectly around your camera array and works with your Tech21 case.

Developed with our in-house self-healing formula, the protector is totally scratch resistant giving you science-backed and scuff-free protection and style.

Easy to Apply
Applicator and easy-to-follow instructions included on how to apply the protector – without leaving any air bubbles!

Volume L-W-H:

20,60 x 11 x 1,60 cm

Inner carton:


Master carton: