Impact Glass Anti-Microbial iPhone 14 Pro Max

T21-9758 Tech21, Article no: 8670630

Tech21’s Impact Glass is an easy-to-apply and super-responsive toughened glass screen protector that provides all-round protection for an iPhone 14 Max when paired with a case. It contains built-in antimicrobial protection and a self-healing formula to keeps scuffs and scratches away.

• Built-In Hygiene Protection
Advanced antimicrobial technology.*

• Scratch Resistant
Self-healing properties keep the device looking as good as new.

• Toughened Glass
Made with high-performing impact materials that keep the screen safe from damage.

• Precise Fit
Fits snugly around the curves and contours of the device’s screen.

• Easy to Apply
Applicator and easy-to-follow instructions included.

• Ultra Responsive
So slim and responsive to any touch.

• Stylish and Secure
Rigorously tested and ready for all kinds of everyday bumps and scrapes.

• Crystal Clear Transparency
Providing a clear and pristine screen view.

• Complements Tech21 Cases
Offers all-round protection for the device.

*Advanced antimicrobial technology protects the case against odor, staining or material degradation-causing microbes.

Volume L-W-H:

22,80 x 10,20 x 1,40 cm

Inner carton:


Master carton: