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Tech21 has developed and gathered experience for more than a decade about protecting one of today’s most important assets – the smartphone. Tech21 is on a mission to bring you the smartest tech protection on the planet, while taking some of the stress out of everyday life. This is called The Science Behind Peace of Mind.


With smart in-house developed materials, FlexShock ™ and FlexClear, Tech21 produces cases that absorb up to 90% more shock energy than that any other case on the market. Each product undergoes at least 20 different tests, which gives 30,000 measuring points per test! With Tech21 you are protected – not only once or twice – but drop after drop.


The cases contain a unique in-built and self-cleaning formula that reduces microbes by up to 99.99% in just 24 hours – keeping them hygienically clean, day after day. As the microbe-reducing ingredients are actually built into the case itself – rather than being applied as a coating – you can relax and enjoy long-lasting hygienic protection, no matter how filthy your case gets.


Tech21 case is light, flexible and user-friendly. Buttons, wireless charging and access to connections work always with ease. Your WiFi, 5G, Bluetooth and such will all work as originally mented to do, guaranteed.


All Tech21 EVO cases can also be recycled to make new cases. The material in the EVO series already comes from responsible sources. Tech21 is constantly looking for new ways to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. In addition – Tech21 no longer has plastic in the packaging (100% recyclable), and that alone saves 42 tonnes of plastic every year.


You may have noticed that it is mentioned Tech21 cases are ‘Made for Samsung’ or ‘Made for Apple’. Tech21 is one of the few case manufacturers that works directly with the leading manufacturers to ensure that all Tech21 cases offer the perfect fit and don’t block any features, functionalities or connections. Tech21 is proud to have developed partnerships with Apple, Samsung and Google (to name just a few) over the years.

General features in short:

– Multidrop Protection – Developed by our in-house scientists and independently tested, our cases are ready for everything the world throws at them.
– Innovative Materials – More resistant than any other phone case material, FlexShock™ absorbs the impact so your device doesn’t have to.
– Antimicrobial – Tech21 cases keep things clean with highly advanced and built-in antimicrobial technology.
– Always perfect fit – Tech21 is one of the few case manufacturers that works directly with the leading manufacturers to ensure that all cases offer the perfect fit and don’t block any features, functionalities or connections.


New for 2022, Tech21’s Evo Crystal is the toughest transparent case on the market. While its FlexShock™ bumpers offer the reassurance of 16ft multi-drop protection, the crystal-clear clarity offers an incredible view of Apple’s original colour and design – and it won’t yellow over the lifetime of the device. This protective case is also responsive and easy to apply, keeping every element of your new phone safe from damage.

Case specific features:

• FlexShock™ Impact Protection: 16ft (4.9m)
Independently tested for multi-drop protection.

• MagSafeⓇ Compatible
Magnets are built into the case itself – meaning it works with MagSafeⓇ chargers AND accessories.

• Built-In Hygiene Protection
Advanced antimicrobial technology.*

• Enhanced Camera Protection
Engineered to protect the phone’s most vulnerable tech.

• Anti-Yellowing
Made with UV-resistant materials that guard against yellowing and discoloring.

• Non-Slip Grip
Lightweight materials and easy to hold.

• Scratch Resistant
Self-healing properties keep the device looking as good as new.

• Easy-to-Press Buttons
Ultra-responsive and compatible buttons.

*Advanced antimicrobial technology protects the case against odor, staining or material degradation-causing microbes.

Volume L-W-H:

20,9 x 11 x 2,1 cm

Inner carton:


Master carton:









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