Frame Studio Notebook Stand up to 17″ Space Grey

FIXFR-ST-GR Fixed, Article no: 8015157

Frame Studio is The luxurious brushed aluminium laptop stand with a wide range of adjustability helps you organise your desk space, saves your back, and makes your work more efficient.
The Frame Studio is suitable for laptops of different sizes and weights, and the stand’s precision-engineered joints allow you to adjust your laptop to any height and use the swivel base to rotate it exactly to your liking. The laptop surface has dimensions of 26.7×22.6 cm, so it is suitable for large 17″ laptops, the stop on the bottom can be adjusted to the exact thickness of your laptop. In addition, the surface is equipped with ventilation holes for better cooling and silicone protective padding.
The precision crafted joints of the stand’s main leg hold firmly in any position, you can adjust your laptop up to eye level. So you don’t have to strain your back as much while working and support your healthy way of sitting upright. The simple clean design and premium brushed aluminium in Space Gray ensure that the stand fits perfectly in the office, home office or even on the DJ desk.

– Universal adjustable laptop stand
– For laptops of all different sizes and weights
– Can be adjusted in height and rotated to any angle
– Made of premium brushed aluminium
– Ventilation holes to improve cooling of the laptop
– 2 arm joints with perfect stability even for heavier laptops
– Adjustable width of the laptop stop
– Possibility to adjust the laptop up to eye level
– The stand base can be rotated 360°
– Silicone underside of the base for perfect stability
– Clean and functional design in Space Gray
– Protective pads on the underside of the stand legs
– Laptop surface dimensions: 26.7 x 22.6cm
– dimensions of the folded stand: 26.7 x 22.6 x 3.3cm (folded stand)
– stand base diameter: 19.7cm
– length of stand leg: 18,5 cm
– weight: 1121g