Glowing LED Cable 60W USB-C/C 1.2m Multicolor

FIXDLED-CC-RA Fixed, Article no: 8014900

FIXED glowing cable, is a cable with double-sided USB-C connectors that literally lights up when charging your phone, tablet or other accessories.
Its copper braid is complemented by optical fibers along the entire length of the cable, and when you connect the cable to the adapter, they begin to glow with changing colors in the RGB interface.
This creates a beautiful rainbow effect during charging, especially in the dark. The USB-C connectors in matt aluminium can deliver up to 60W of power.
In the package you will also find practical accessories, a drawstring strap for easy transport of the cable and an adhesive organizer to fix the cable in a place of your choice.


– Charging cable with glowing effect
– USB-C/USB-C connectors.
– When plugged into the adapter, it starts to glow changing with colors
– 60W fast charging support
– Suitable for laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other electronics
– 1.2m cable length
– Cable tightening strap
– Adhesive cable organize