PS5 Hanging Charging Dock DualSense/Headphone

FIXPS5-HCD-BW Fixed, Article no: 8014715

FIXED chargingdock, in a unique PS5 design, is a handy accessory for charging your DualSense controller for PlayStation 5.

It is the ideal place to keep and charge your controller without having to connect it to the console. Just plug the controller into the station after each game and it will always be fully charged and ready for action. Plus, the charging pins deliver power faster than a traditional USB-C connection, and in 2.5 hours the DualSense controller is fully charged.

You can hang the FIXED dock on the wall or place it directly on your PS5 console, it’s up to you. Everything you need for easy installation is included. The power supply of the dock is handled by a USB-C connector, of course, the controller is protected against overvoltage, undervoltage, shortcircuit etc. In addition, the dock also integrates a handy pull-out hook that you can use to hang your headphones.


– Charging dock for DualSense controller for PlayStation 5
– Designed to be placed on the wall or mounted directly to the PS5 console
– Faster charging than the traditional way via USB-C connector
– Integrated hook for attaching a headset
– Power supply for the dock itself via USB-C port
– LED indication of charging status (red/green)
– Wall mounting kit included
– Triple protection against overvoltage, overheating and short circuit
– The product complies with all EU legal and safety standards

Technical details:

– USB-C input: 5V/1A
– DualSense controller charging time: 2.5 Hour
– Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 170mm
– Weight: 173g

Inner carton:


Master carton:









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