PS5 Multifunctional Station Cool-Charge-Store

FIXPS5-MCS-BW Fixed, Article no: 8014713

The FIXED multi-function station, in a unique PS5 design, is the ideal extension for your PlayStation 5 console to enjoy everyday gaming.

Featuring a unique combination of a charger for two DualSense PS5 controllers, a twin fan cooling pad to cool the console itself, and a holder for up to 12 games on the console.

For charging the controllers, there are docking cradles with ready-to-go USB-C connectors. This allows the station to charge both DualSense controllers simultaneously without having to connect them directly to the console. Just plug the controllers into the station after each play session and they’ll always be fully charged and ready for the next action.

The PS5 connects to the dock with a USB-C cable. While you play, you can use the touch controls to turn on active console cooling using the multifunction station’s fans. The cooling is also complemented by an effective blue backlight. Of course, there is protection against overvoltage, undervoltage and other safety features.

The FIXED charging station is adapted for both classic and digital versions. On the side you will then find a hidden pull-out binder, which is used to store up to 12 games. There are 2 classic USB connectors for connecting other accessories (headphones, phone, etc.).


– Multifunction station for PlayStation 5
– Charging docks up to 2 controllers simultaneously
– Integrated cooling fans for active console cooling
– 2 x USB port for connecting additional accessories
– Charging of controllers via removable USB-C ports
– USB-C cable for console connection
– Touch control for cooling
– Effective blue backlight for cooling
– Pull-out binder for up to 12 games
– Attachment for connecting the digital version
– Triple protection against overvoltage, overheating and short circuit
– Product meets all EU legal and safety standards

Technical details:

– USB-C input: 5.25V/3A
– Output 1: 5.25V/1A x2
– Output 2: 5.25V/0.5A x2
– DualSense driver charging time: 3.5 hours
– Fan voltage: DC 5V/0.15A x2
– Fan speed: 3000 RPM
– Length of the station charging cable: 260mm
– Dimensions: 205 x 40 x 43.40 cm
– Weight: 769.5 g

Inner carton:


Master carton:









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