3in1 30W Wireless Mag Charging station Black

FIXMPOS-BK Fixed, Article no: 8013415

FIXED MagPowerstation is a modern MagSafe-enabled wireless charger designed specifically for your Apple iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple Airpods. It completely takes care of fast and safe charging of everything important for your daily routine.

For fast charging of the latest MagSafe-enabled iPhones (12 series and above), there is a main charger with integrated magnets. Simply attach the iPhone to the charger, the magnets will snap the phone in place and wireless charging will start immediately. In addition, the MagSafe charger can be completely removed from the stand and the USB-C connector makes it suitable for standalone use on the go.

To charge your Apple Watch, the second arm of the MagPowerstation provides space for your original Apple Watch charging adapter (not included). Simply insert it into the prepared hole and connect the Apple Watch charger cable directly to the USB-A port, which is hidden under the cover on the bottom of the stand. A portion of the cable is hidden in the groove located on the back, and the rest of the excess cable is hidden in the prepared cavity so that it does not interfere with the clean design of the charging station. A USB-C to USB-C adapter is included for the USB-C charging adapter (Apple Watch 7).

The third MagPowerstation charging surface is located directly on the stand base. It is suitable for Airpods or other TWS wireless charging headphones, but thanks to its 15W power it can also fully charge another phone without any problems. The soft silicone surface of the stand will prevent scratching of the inserted electronics, and the non-slip pads at the bottom will ensure a stable placement on your desk or nightstand.

For full performance of the FIXED MagPowerstation, a charging adapter with a minimum of 37W and Power Delivery standard (not included) should be used in addition to the included USB-C power cable.


– 3-in-1 wireless charging stand with MagSafe support
– Designed for charging Apple iPhone (12 series and above), Apple Watch and headphones/phone with wireless charging
– MagSafe charger can be removed and used separately
– Wireless charging power: 7.5W for iPhone/15W total (main charging area) + 15W (secondary charging area)
– 5W USB-A connector for connecting Apple Watch charger (charger not included)
– Qi standard support on secondary charging surface
– Stylish design with a soft stand surface to protect embedded electronics from scratches
– Silicone surface of the stand prevents the charged device from slipping
– Foldable stand for easy packing on the go
– Groove on the bottom of the stand base to hide the cable to the Apple Watch charger
– LED indication of charging status
– USB-C cable included
– Non-slip pads on the bottom
– USB-A to USB-C reduction for connecting the Apple Watch 7 charger
– For full performance, it is recommended to connect FIXED MagPowerstation to a minimum 37W charging adapter with PD standard. Adapter is not included.
– The product meets all EU legal and safety standards

Technical details:

– Output: 5W/7.5W/10W/15W (main wireless charging surface with MagSafe support)
– Output: 5W/7.5W/10W/15W (secondary wireless charging surface)
– USB-A output: 5V1A (max. 5W)
– Input: 12V/3A, 9V/3A, 5V/3A
– Material: ABS + silicone + magnets
– Stand dimensions: 17.5 x 9.8 x 11.1 cm
– Weight: 205g

Volume L-W-H:

24,7 x 10,7 x 3 cm

Inner carton:


Master carton: