Icon Mini Magnetic Airvent Car Mount Black

FIXIC-VENTM-BK Fixed, Article no: 8011095

FIXED Icon Air Vent Mini

The FIXED Icon Mini miniature magnetic holder solves the problem of how to use a mobile phone in a car comfortably, easily and most importantly safely. No more unnecessary fines for the phone at your ear, in the Icon Mini holder your mobile phone will always be nicely at hand and in sight. Compared to the classic large holders, it saves space on the dashboard, does not obstruct the view and does not require any complicated settings. Using a magnetic holder is intuitive and addictive. Just attach the phone to the Icon Mini and the magnets will take care of everything and don’t move. It’s just as easy to take off your cell phone. You will simply fall in love with the FIXED ICON Mini at first sight.

Small large holder

In contrast to the classic FIXED Icon holders, we have developed the Mini version so that the holder interferes as little as possible on the dashboard and still retains the extra strong ability to hold the phone with neodymium magnets. We have come up with a functional and unobtrusive design that does not disturb the interior of your car.

After pressing the holder at the top and bottom, the clamps open and the installation and removal of the FIXED Icon Mini from the ventilation grille is an easy matter.

When designing the shape of the clamps, we of course thought of all possible types of ventilation. Preparing your phone is just as easy. You stick the extra thin metal plate to the back of the mobile phone, or you can insert it between the phone and the cover and everything is ready.

Click and go

Get in the car, attach your cell phone to Icon – “” click “” – and leave. Easy and fast, it couldn’t be simpler. No unnecessary delays with complicated fastening as with clamp holders. That’s why the magnetic holder is so popular, it saves your nerves and time. Plus a valuable dashboard space.

Holds as nailed

Everyone knows that driving on our roads can sometimes shake the car nicely. That’s why we’ve equipped our Icon Mini with extra strong magnets for perfect stability. Just attach the phone to the Icon. It just doesn’t move, we guarantee it. And no worries, Icon Mini’s magnets do not interfere with the mobile signal or harm the hardware inside your smartphone. The Icon holder itself is secured in the ventilation grille by means of clamps with a hook at the end, which holds in all circumstances.

Charging while driving

You can easily attach the charging cable to the cable holder on the ICON base and you will always have it nicely at hand.


– Miniature magnetic phone holder for ventilation grille in a car
– Allows you to use your phone in the car comfortably and safely
– Extra strong neodymium magnets ensure 100% stability of the phone even in the event of the greatest shocks
– Universal design for various types of smartphones
– Secure attachment in the ventilation grille using pliers with a smart hook at the end
– Does not obstruct the view through the windshield
– Smart removable charging cable holder
– Two ultra thin metal plates for installation on the back of a mobile phone or between the phone and the back cover
– Czech design: FIXED Icon holders were developed in cooperation with the leading Czech design and design studio NOVO
– Holder dimensions: 32 x 38 x 37 mm

Package contents: holder FIXED Icon Air Vent Mini, cable holder, 2 x metal plate (diameter 40 mm)

Volume L-W-H:

11,50 x 10,00 x 4,80 cm

Inner carton:


Master carton: