LINQ 100W PD Charging Pro cable – 2m

LQ48030 LINQ, Article no: 7462052

Unlock high speed charging for your USB-C devices with this LINQ 100W USB-C to USB-C cable.

This 2m durable braided fabric cable supports PD 3.0, and is capable of 100W Power Delivery to your USB-C devices, as well as USB3.2 Gen2 – 10Gbps data transfer speeds, or video output.

Featuring Super Speed+ USB3.2 Gen2 technology with 10Gbps data transfer speeds allows you to transfer over 100GB data in less than 3min! That is transferring up to 10 full 4K movies or 15.000 photos quicker then the time needed to make a cappuccino!

Cable includes E-mark chip for superior data-transfer stability and safe 100W PD3.0 charging.

Premium Spec. Premium Quality
The strong yet flexible braided cable, with matte space grey recycled aluminium heads combines SuperSpeed+ USB3.2 Gen2 technology and connectivity with 100W PD3.0 charging. A timeless, minimalistic and modern looking Scandinavian design that matches your laptop and external screen and blends in at your home or work environment. Compact sized, this durable Pro Cable with premium braided cable is the ideal on-the-go or work from home companion.

Connectivity, without compromises
Each LINQ Pro Cable is designed to bring you seamless connectivity, without compromises. This means you can trust to always have the best and latest specifications and features.
Just connect. No need to worry about installing complicated software. Plug-and-play.

Sustainable Technology
Extended connectivity without compromises not only means highest specs available for daily use but the high specs also makes it more futureproof. A high quality product, with durable build, using recycled aluminium and top of the line specs can be used for years to come.

Future proof technology is the more sustainable solution.

USB-C to USB-C, including E-Marker Chipset
USB-C data – up to 10 Gbps, USB3.2 Gen2
USB-C PD charging – up to 100W
2m Cable – Braided

USB-C 3.2 Gen2 up to 10Gbps, 100W Charging

Mac Studio, Mac Mini, MacBook Air/Pro (M2, M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max & Intel-powered) Supports iPad with Type-C ports (iPad Pro 2018/2020/2021, iPad Air 2020/2021/2022, iPad mini 2020/2021), mobile phones and tablets with USB-C and DP function, Windows PC and Chromebook with USB-C and DP function, Samsung Dex.

2 meter / 79g

Volume L-W-H:

21,5 x 8 x 2,5 cm

Inner carton:


Master carton: