Rugged Power Bank 40.000 IP65 USB-C PD 100W

XR204 Xtorm, Article no: 8227833

Get #MoreEnergy with this Swiss Army knife of Power Banks!

Whether you go camping with the family or friends, this Rugged Power Bank with flashlight is the ultimate Power Bank for any basecamp. Thanks to our years of experience, this portable charger has all the features every outdoor adventurer needs.
The Power Bank has a huge 40K mAh capacity, 3 USB ports, a multifunctional lamp and smart display. All these features are packed in a rugged, water resistant and surprisingly compact Power Bank that has enough power to charge even a Nintendo Switch or laptop!

  • Rugged design with IP65 rating: shock, dust, and water resistant
  • 40K mAh to charge all your devices
  • 1x 100W USB-C PD, 1x 20W USB-C PD, 1x 18W USB-A QC3.0 (22.5W for Huawei)
  • Integrated lamp with different functions
  • Handle with adjustable strap
  • Smart display with charging information
  • Recycled plastics with GRS certificate
Best outdoor Power Bank with IP65 rating

The Rugged Power Bank is shock, dust and water resistant with an IP65 rating. This makes the powerful portable battery usable anytime, anywhere, even on wet or dusty surfaces! You can easily take it with you in a bag or backpack, and because of its orange colour you quickly find the Power Bank. Thanks to its IP65 rating and rugged design, it can take a beating and you won’t have to worry about damage from dust, bumps or a few raindrops.

Power Bank with torch

The integrated lamp has four different modes and corresponding functions. One mode works like a classic torch and has a spotlight function. With the other mode, you light up a small space, such as a tent, perfectly! You always have the right light to find your way in the dark or to light up a room atmospherically. An SOS and flash function have also been thought of. But, of course, we hope you will never need these.

Charge multiple devices with Xtorm Ultra FastCharge and 40K mAh

With the three different USB ports, you charge a variety of smartphones, tablets, drones, cameras and earbuds. The 100W Ultra FastCharge output is even powerful enough to charge a laptop or Nintendo Switch! This technology charges all devices in no time and with a capacity of 40K mAh, you are never without #MoreEnergy.

Tip: Charge the Power Bank with solar power

You can charge multiple devices simultaneously and the pass-through function allows you to charge a device while the Power Bank itself is charging. When using Xtorm Solar Panels to recharge, there is even no need for a power socket. For example, use the Xtorm 28W Solar Booster to recharge the Rugged Power Bank with solar power.

Handle for ultimate portability

The Rugged Power Bank is bigger than the average power bank because it incorporates so many extra functions and capacities. The handle with adjustable strap, ensures you can still easily take it with you. Use it to walk with the Power Bank across the campsite, the beach or through the woods. The perfect basic gadget for all your outdoor-adventures.

Smart display to monitor charging

Another practical feature of this Power Bank is the Advanced Intelligent Display. On it, you can read charging times, the battery percentage and output wattages in real time. You can see at what speed your device is charging and how much energy the Power Bank itself has left. This ensures that you can charge it on time and always have #MoreEnergy while adventuring.

About Xtorm

Xtorm gives you the best quality, latest tech and most security for years of #MoreEnergy! Since 2008, we’ve been working on outdoor products and sustainable devices that give your mobile devices #MoreEnergy. We mainly use premium GRS-certified recycled plastic and all our products are tested according to a 6-layer safety check. This ensures that both the Xtorm product and the connected device are safe to use for years to come.