Solar powerbank 5.1W 10.000mAh IP65 PD 20W

XR203 Xtorm, Article no: 8227768

This is the Solar powerbank for true adventurers! This robust outdoor Power Bank with a 10.000mAh capacity, 3 USB ports and 3x more efficient Gen ’24 Solar Panels, is everything you need during a day of adventuring.

Tri-fold solar panels and kickstand

Take a fully charged Power Bank with you and use the Gen ‘24 Solar Panels to top up during your adventure. The Gen ’24 Solar Panels are perfectly protected against damage while folded. Once you unfold the Xtorm solar panel, the solar power indicator tells you if the sun has enough power to provide the Power Bank with extra energy. You simply place the Power Bank in the right angle with the kickstand, to catch as many sunrays as possible.

Outdoor Power Bank with IP65 rating

The Rugged Solar powerbank is shock-, dust-, and water-resistant, carries an IP65 rating, and can take a little beating. You can put the Power Bank down with ease while your smartphone or headphones are being charged. The sturdy edge protects against scratches and bumps. Thanks to its distinctive orange colour, it is easy to find the Power Bank in your backpack or tent. The flashlight makes it easy to find your way in the dark. This is the best waterproof Power Bank for cycling, hiking or camping trips.

3 USB ports for versatile charging

There are three different USB ports on this Rugged Power Bank. The USB-C PD port charges the Power Bank with 18W or re-energizes your smartphone, camera or e-reader with 20W SuperCharge. The other 15W USB-C Fast Charge and 18W USB-A outputs are perfect to charge your earbuds, GPS or drone, for example. Its pass-through function makes it possible to charge both the Power Bank and a connected device, simultaneously. When using multiple ports, the total maximum output gets distributed between them.

Smarter adventuring with smart features

This Solar powerbank with integrated flashlight, solar panels and kickstand, is the perfect gadget for every adventure! Not only do you get a powerful Power Bank, the additional features upgrades everything. The kickstand creates the perfect angle for the solar panels and the flashlight makes it easy to navigate in the dark. You simply attach the Power Bank to your backpack with the carabiner.

Solar power and battery capacity indicator

The Power Bank features two LED indicators. The solar power indicator tells you if the sun is powerful enough to top up the Power Bank. The other indicator shows you how many energy is left in the Rugged Power Bank by pushing the button. A clever way of adventuring with Xtorm!

In short:

Take this Power Bank with you to the forest, beach, or on a hike and amaze your company during the trip with all its extra features. Experience #MoreEnergy during your outdoor-adventures, whether it lasts a day or the whole weekend!

  • Rugged design with IP65 rating: shock, dust, and water resistant
  • Solar Panels Gen ’24 for extra efficiency
  • 10K mAh for 2 extra phone charges
  • 1x 20W USB-C PD, 1x 15W USB-C, 1x 18W USB-A QC3.0 (22,5W for Huawei)
  • Integrated Flashlight and Kickstand
  • Indicator for solar power and battery capacity
  • Recycled plastic with GRS-certificate
About Xtorm

Xtorm gives you the best quality, latest tech and most safety for years of #MoreEnergy! Since 2008, we have been working on outdoor products and sustainable devices to give your mobile devices #MoreEnergy. We mainly use premium GRS-certified recycled plastic and all our products are tested according to a 6-layer safety check, ensuring that both the Xtorm product and the connected device are safe to use for years to come.

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