Magnetic Wireless Power Bank USB-C 5,000mAh

Xtorm FS 400U Magnetic Wireless Power Bank 5000 Xtorm, Article no: 8227610

Xtorm Magnetic Wireless Power Bank 5000, the next generation of power is here! This magnetic wireless power bank gives you the next generation of charging. It is fully compatible with the new magnetic wireless charging standard from Apple, which means this Power Bank will magnetically snap and attach to the back of your iPhone 12.

Magnetic power – As the magnets in this Power Bank perfectly align with those in your iPhone 12, it guarantees an optimal charging position for wireless charging. The magnets are strong enough to hold the Power Bank in place while you charge and use your iPhone.

Give #MoreEngery – Equipped with a high capacity battery, this Power Bank gives you and your devices more energy. Its 5000 mAh battery is powerful enough to wirelessly charge your iPhone at least 1.5 times!

Future-proof with USB-C – This Power Bank has a USB-C port that works as both input and output. This means you can also charge your phone or other devices by simply connecting a cable!

Next generation magnetic wireless charging
Compatible with iPhone 12
5000mAh capacity
7.5W wireless charging

Input: USB-C PD 18W
Output: Magnetic wireless 7.5W / USB-C PD 18W
Incl. cable