Extreme 200W High efficiency Solar panel

XPS200 Xtorm, Article no: 8227604

This Xtorm Xtreme Solar Panel 200W Bundle is the ultimate way to power your devices, anywhere you are. This bundle features two individual 100W Solar Panels that can be easily connected together for a total output of 200W. They feature a compact, lightweight, and splash-resistant design that makes them perfect for all your roadtrips and adventures. They can be folded in half, and thanks to the integrated handles they can be easily carried and set up anywhere you want. Pair them up with one of our Xtorm Power Stations and you have access to limitless power!

High efficiency solar power

The use of high efficiency SunPower cells means the panel has a very high output in a much smaller surface area. This allowed us to design a much more compact solar panel, without having to compromise on power output. The solar cells are coated with a special lensed matte surface that minimizes reflection, and maximizes solar input.

Choose your power output

This Solar Panel features 3 different outputs: a 200W MC4 output, 2x 45W USB-C PD output, as well as 2x a regular 18W USB Quick Charge 3.0 output. This means you can charge anything you want; a Power Station, a laptop, tablet, or your phone – this Xtorm Solar Panel can do it all!

Limitless Power

Combine with Power Station – This Xtorm Solar Panel is designed to work perfectly with one of our Xtorm Power Stations. This gives you with an endless supply of power, with the benefit of a battery buffer and a wide variety of ports and power outputs.

Flexible & Powerful bundle

This bundle features two individual 100W Solar Panels that can be easily connected together for a total output of 200W. This gives you the flexibility to position them exactly how you prefer, unlike a fixed 200W panel. Don’t have the space or a need for the full combined 200W? You can also use either of the 100W panels individually.

Designed for adventure

The Solar Panel is designed to be ready for adventure. It’s easy-to-carry lightweight design means you can take it anywhere you go, and thanks to the built in support stands you can set it up in just a few seconds and angle it perfectly to optimize the solar input. The integrated pouch allows you to easily carry the included cables, and protects the powerbox from the elements. The Solar Panel itself is also finished in a splash-resistant material for extra peace of mind.

Hours to charge:
– iPhone 1.5h
– iPad 3-4h
– MacBook Air 2h
– Xtorm Power Station XP300 in less than 6h in ideal sunlight conditions!

– High efficiency solar power, 2x 100W solar panel bundle
– Splash proof material
– 200W MC4 output
– Lightweight & foldable design

Specs and measurements:
– Dimensions: 106 x 2.5 x 59.8 cm each panel
– Weight: 3800 grams each panel
– 1x Output: MC4, 200W
– 2x Output: USB-C PD 45W
– 2x Output: USB-A Quick Charge 3.0, 18W
– Solar panel: 200W (100W+100W)