Armor Protection Glass Apple Watch Ultra 49mm

FIXGAW-1029 Fixed, Article no: 8015438

The most durable FIXED Armor glass, tested in extreme conditions and designed specifically for the Apple Watch Ultra 49mm/Ultra 2 49mm.

The glass is designed to withstand all impacts and mechanical damage much better than conventional protective glass. The watch display will be perfectly safe during all sports and outdoor activities. The main advantage of the glass over the competition is 30% more flexibility. Thanks to this, the glass perfectly absorbs all shocks and does not crack, like classic glasses. Together with the premium materials used in the production, the glass will last many times longer to protect your watch and will always look like new.

The applicator included in the package takes care of the precise adhesion to the watch display. The rounded edges of the glass reach all the way to the edges of the display, gluing all over the surface ensures a perfect blend with the Apple Watch. A specially developed top protective layer of glass covers against nicks and scratches. Plus, it features an oleophobic texture to eliminate fingerprints and ensure natural movement across the display.


Extra durable protective glass
Made of the highest quality materials with high durability
Up to 30% more flexibility than conventional glass
Several times longer lifetime than conventional protective glass
Made to fit the Apple Watch Ultra 49mm/Ultra 2 49mm
2.5D design with gentle curves around the edges
Anti Fingerprint: special top layer against smudges and fingerprints
Full Glue: adhesive bonding over the entire glass surface
Easy installation without air bubbles
Applicator and adhesive kit included in the glass package

Volume L-W-H:

19 x 10 x 1 cm

Inner carton:


Master carton: