Snap Action Selfie Tripod with Stabilizer, Black

FIXSS-SNA-BK Fixed, Article no: 8011748

Selfie tripod with a single-axis stabilizer that turns your mobile phone into a professional action camera. Just place your phone in the adjustable clamp, pair it via Bluetooth and it’s ready to use.

The single-axis horizontal stabilizer effectively eliminates shake and lets you get the best shots when shooting video in any conditions.
When moving the stick from side to side, the attached mobile phone will always stay horizontal (or vertical) with the stabilizer on. With the stabilizer on, you set whether you want your phone horizontal or vertical for the ideal shot.

The bar head’s extendable clamps hold the inserted phone securely even in the slightest of shocks and are suitable for phones with a width of 5 – 9 cm.

For shooting still video or shooting from a distance, the pole handle can be unfolded into a handy tripod to create a stable base.
You can easily control both video shooting and the camera shutter with the wireless control button, which can be detached from the stick and used independently up to 10 metres away.
The on/off button for the stabilizer is located directly on the head of the selfie stick.

The FIXED Snap Action selfie stick is the ideal helper for the best shots during adrenaline-fuelled adventures as well as on family holidays.


– 3in1 selfie stick: selfie + tripod + stabilizer
– Single-axis horizontal stabilizer for action shots
– Effectively eliminates shakes and jitters and holds the phone in a horizontal position
– Expandable tripod serves as a stable base for photos and videos
– Removable wireless remote shutter release
– 5 telescopic selfie stick arm sections with a total length of up to 48 cm
– The tilt of the pole head can be adjusted using a joint
– Press the stabilizer button to change the phone’s default position to horizontal/vertical
– Charging of the selfie stick and remote control via USB-C connector
– Compact size when the stick is folded

Technical details:

– Compatibility: iOS 5.0 and higher, Android 4.3 and higher
– BT trigger range: 10 m
– Length of the ejection part: 167 – 480 mm
– Dimensions of folded pole: 60.6 x 65.4 x 167 mm
– Dimensions of the stabilizer head: 45 – 90 mm
– Weight: 220 g

Volume L-W-H:

19,5 x 6,5 x 6,5 cm

Inner carton:


Master carton: