GXT 960 Graphin Ultra-light Gaming Mouse

GXT 960 Graphin Ultra-light Gaming Mouse , Article no: 3923758

Ultra-lightweight RGB illuminated gaming mouse with honeycomb shell.

Speed Is Everything – When you’re out on the battlefield, you don’t have time to think. That’s why you need a mouse that can keep up. The Trust Gaming GXT 960 Graphin is lightweight, blazing fast and has an adjustable polling rate of up to 1000Hz. It’s durable, uses ultra-low friction gliding pads for smooth movement and has a unique identity due the RGB lighting. Shoot first, ask questions later.

Float Like a Butterfly – When you’ve got the weight of your teammates on your shoulders, you don’t want the weight of your mouse slowing you down. The GXT 960 Graphin weighs only 74 grams thanks to its honeycomb shell housing. Combined with the polling rate of up to 1000Hz, the adjustable resolution of up to 10.000 DPI and the ultra-low friction gliding pads, you will have the advantage over your opponents.

Sting Like a Bee – But speed can only get you so far; your equipment needs to be reliable. The zero drag braided cable makes sure you will move your mouse around freely, without having to worry about it getting jammed behind something on your desk. Also, the Graphin has two easy to reach thumb buttons giving you complete control over your games, while the two main buttons inspire you to keep your finger on the trigger.

While Looking Fabulous – The honeycomb design isn’t just useful, it gives the GXT 960 Graphin a unique look, too. Adjust the RGB lighting to your liking with the advanced software and show the world who it is they’re dealing with. The next time you go to a LAN party, they’ll be sure to remember you.

Key features:
– 74 grams lightweight honeycomb shell housing for fast mouse response
– High precision optical sensor up to 10.000 DPI
– Up to 1000Hz adjustable polling rate for high responsive control
– Customizable RGB lighting incl breathing and rainbow effect
– Zero drag braided cable ensures smooth movement
– Includes 2 easy to reach thumb buttons
– Ultra low friction gliding pads

Volume L-W-H:

4,3 x 14 x 20,5 cm

Inner carton:


Master carton: