Kaarna Robust Screen Protector (50pcs)

Kaarna Robust KAARNA, Article no: 1080259

Kaarna display film with fall protection

– Good quality TPU material
– For flat screens only
– Precise cut-out technology, no visible cut marks
– Maintained and very good pressure sensitivity on your device

Special features for Kaarna Robust:

– 7 levels of impact-resistant protection
– Drop protection up to 1.8m
– Perfect Fit on all flat screens
– 0.33mm – “a stable friend”
– Unbreakable, will never shatter into pieces!
– Self-healing technology – small scratches fade away within 24 hours
– Fully supports Face ID and fingerprint recognition features, including use with S-Pen and similar touchscreen pens.

Small bubbles disappear within 24 hours of installation if there are any.

Sold in 50-packs

Volume L-W-H:

18,00 x 12,00 x 3,80 cm

Inner carton:


Master carton:





Kaarna Robust